• Administration
    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office Administration consists of the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Road Patrol Lieutenant, Administration Lieutenant, Lieutenant Detective, Administration Assistant, and Human Resource Specialist. 
  • Road Patrol
    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office Road Patrol unit consists of Deputy Sheriffs that enforce the laws of the State of Ohio within the more than 400 square miles of Shelby County, including the City of Sidney and the outlying villages. These officers drive marked patrol cars and respond to a variety of call types. Their shifts could be spent handling automobile crashes, investigating domestic incidents, neighbor disputes, and unruly children, serving civil process papers, writing citations for traffic violations, and investigations of any criminal activity. If you need more information or have concerns or want to leave comments about your neighborhood, please feel free to email the tipline.
  • Jail
    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office operates and maintains the county jail. The Jail consists of a Jail Administrator, Assistant Jail Administrator, records clerk, and correction officers who oversee jail operations and follow state standards. 
  • Detective Section
    The detective division of the Sheriff's Office is staffed with four full-time detectives. They are responsible for investigations of the more serious crimes that may require many man-hours of follow-up. Any tips about criminal acts can be referred to Lt. Chris Brown at 937-494- 2105 or Sheriff James Frye at 937-494-2117. You can remain anonymous. Detectives investigate all crimes such as murder, kidnapping, rapes, sexual assaults, burglaries, drug trafficking or manufacturing, and arson investigations in conjunction with the local task force. In general, the detective division is primarily involved in cases that would be classified as felony crimes. On a daily basis, detectives review each day's shift activity reports from the day before. A new lead to an old crime in constantly looked for in a sustained effort to bring suspects into the system and help Shelby County victims find closure in a case that has grown old. Each year detectives interview hundreds of people in the course of their investigations. Interviewing suspects and witnesses is a recognized technique that leads to the solving of crimes that are unrelated to the actual crime that is being investigated. The interviewing of people is probably the most common task that a detective is required to perform on a daily basis. In recent years technology has brought the Internet to the availability to all citizens. With the Internet has come a new wave of crime that continues to grow as fast as the criminal's imagination will take him. Detectives will investigate all internet-related crimes as the circumstances dictate. If you have any drug-related questions or tips, please contact Sheriff Frye at 937-498-7833. If needed, you can remain anonymous.
  • SORN Unit
    Sex Offender Registration and Notification (SORN) Unit consists of one full time Deputy who is assigned to registering and updating information on sex offenders within Shelby County. The Sheriff Deputy regularly conducts address verifications on offenders.
  • ODOT Unit
    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has a Sheriff' Deputy and an inmate work crew assigned to the Department of Transportation to assist with clean up of debris and trash along major roads within Shelby County. 
  • City Work Crew
    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has a Sheriff Deputy and an inmate work crew assigned within the City of Sidney to assist with maintenance and clean up as directed by the City. 
  • Animal Shelter
    The Shelby County Animal Shelter is staffed and operated by the Sheriff's Office. A Sheriff's Deputy is assigned to the Animal Shelter, as well as three civilian employees who operate the Animal Shelter. 
  • STAR House 
    The STAR (Sheriff's Treatment and Recovery) House is a component of the Sheriff's Office. The STAR house is a transitional treatment house that provides a safe and sober living environment for prisoners that are being released from jail. This program is geared towards prisoners that are actively involved in working on their recovery while in jail and have agreed to be part of a re-entry program to help them in their recovery process after release. The STAR House provides a sober living environment to assist people that are committed to sobriety and making life changes that will assist them with re-entering society as a productive law-abiding citizen. The goal is that through treatment, programming and mentoring, individuals will lead a life with purpose and realize that their recovery is a lifestyle change to assist them in living as healthy productive members of the community. 
  • SRT - Special Response Team
    The Shelby County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team (S.R.T.) was formed in 1994 and consisted of six members. Today, the team consists of ten highly trained members, one of those a team paramedic. The team also has at its disposal two trained hostage negotiators and Communications Specialists. The team's primary mission is that of rapid tactical deployment with special weapons and tactics on an "as-needed" basis during an existing or a perceived emergency situation, such as a high-risk warrant service, barricaded or armed subjects, hostage situations, riot condition, or a vehicle / bus take-down. Members are on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The team trains eight hours every month. Members are all cross-trained in different aspects of the team; for example, sub-machine guns, tactical long rifles, chemical munitions, diversion devices, and even long and short-range tactical projectiles. Sergeant David Spicer serves as the team commander. He is responsible for all logistical matters of the team during an incident response. He is also responsible for setting up the team's training and weapon qualifications. Current team members are:
    • Commander Sgt. David Spicer
    • Sergeant David Egbert
    • Sergeant Joel Howell
    • Deputy Joel March
    • Deputy Greg Birkemeier
    • Deputy Austin Knight
    • Deputy John Pence
    • Deputy Matt Luthman
    • Deputy Rod Robbins
    • Deputy Warren Melerine
    • Deputy Justin Tidwell
  • K-9 Unit
    Deputy Frank Bleigh (K-9 Bandit), Deputy Rod Robbins (K-9 Yago), and Deputy Justin Tidwell (K-9 Sarge) are the handlers for our K-9 unit. The canines are a multi-purpose, providing drug detection, patrol assistance, building searches, suspect tracking, lost or injured persons as well as handler protection. The K-9 Unit is available for demonstrations (schedule permitting) for any social group or gathering that may be interested. If interested, please contact Sheriff Frye to schedule a demonstration. This service is free of charge.
  • Sheriff's Reserve Deputies
    Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are volunteers who are utilized to supplement the Shelby County Sheriff's Office law enforcement manpower. Just like their full-time counterparts they are professionally trained and duly sworn. Make no mistake, they have the same arrest powers and are generally assigned the same duties. The Reserve staff performs general law enforcement duties, including crime prevention, and investigations, responds to incident calls, controls traffic, and enforces the laws of the State of Ohio. Many Reserve Deputies assist with special details such as the Hickory Hills Country Concert Festival, many local community festivals, and parades, the Shelby County Fair, and other local high school sporting events. Reserve Deputies include a variety of professionals such as maintenance technicians, teachers, firefighters, EMTs, accountants, investment brokers, and even people who own their own businesses. The Reserve unit has its own rank structure and the deputies are provided routine in-service training as well as specialized training throughout the year. In addition, every Reserve Deputy is expected to attend a monthly meeting. In order to maintain their commission, Reserve deputies are required to serve a minimum of ten hours per month, but most greatly exceed this minimum. The Reserve unit totals approximately 10,000 hours per year in voluntary service with more than 90% of that in direct law enforcement and crime prevention activities. If you reside in Shelby County and are interested in becoming a Reserve Officer for the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, contact us.