Animal Shelter

The Shelby County Animal Shelter is operated and staffed by The Shelby County Sheriff's Office. The Dog Warden handles shelter operations and Deputy Dog Warden is a sworn Deputy Sheriff.

The Shelby County Animal Shelter is designed to serve the residents of Shelby County. We answer calls for stray dogs, complaints of dogs running at large, as well as animal kills by dogs in a timely manner. We pick-up stray dogs, investigate humane complaints and reports of loose dogs. We enforce the Ohio Revised Code concerning dogs. Don't assume because the Police Department or Sheriff's Office is contacted that we will respond. Call us the following day on complaints and dog bites to make sure we are aware of the call and whether we need to respond.

Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation - SCARF ShelterWe are open to people looking for a pet, people looking for a missing pet, and to people who just want to look at the animals. We accept dogs and cats from owners, when space allows, as well as strays. A fee may be involved. Call the office during hours of operation to make sure. We offer dogs, puppies, cats and kittens for adoption.

We are here for owners of lost dogs to claim their animals or report a lost animal. We have a bulletin board for people to offer animals to good homes and we have free information to the public on a variety of issues. We welcome any questions you may have about dogs, cats or the Animal Shelter.

No adoptions after 30 minutes prior to closing.


The shelter is now accepting Visa and MasterCard payments (with 2.95% fee) for dog tags, claim fees and adoption fees only. Spay/neuter and shot clinics will remain cash or check only.

Stray Dogs

The Shelby County Animal Shelter is the designated facility for housing stray dogs within Shelby County. The Shelter Staff enforces section 955 of the Ohio Revised Code. This code entails the handling of stray dogs within the county. Based on these laws, the animal shelter does not handle calls or complaints concerning stray cats. The shelter is able to house a small number of cats, with cage space being available on a limited basis. Questions or concerns regarding stray cats in your neighborhood should be directed to village or city offices in the area you reside.

Important Notice

Please call the shelter before bringing in any cats or owned dogs.

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