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Collection Due Dates

Due dates are printed on your statement. Due date postmarks are accepted. Please return any bills wrongfully sent to you.

Real Estate Tax

1st half due February 14  / 2nd Half due July 20

Mobile Home Tax

1st half due March 1  / 2nd Half due July 31

Escrow Program – AKA – Monthly Prepay

Pay your taxes on a monthly basis. Call the office for further details.

Delinquent Payment Contracts

Available to help with past due taxes. Call the office for further details.


For ten days after the due date a 5% penalty is applied. After that a 10% penalty is added on all unpaid current tax and remains the same until the second half statement is mailed. At which time it is included on the bill, if not paid before.

Homestead Exemptions

You may qualify if you are 65 or older, or permanently disabled, and live in your own residence. For further information, call the Shelby County Auditor at 937-498-7202.

Valuation Questions In Regards to Your Tax Bill

Call the Shelby County Auditor at 937-498-7202.

Owner Occupied Residences

All owner occupied residences qualify for the reduction. Call the Shelby County Auditor for the form at 937-498-7202.

Tax Lien Certificate Sales

This is by section 5721.32 of the Ohio Revised Code. All Ohio counties can now do tax lien sales.

Local County Treasurer Offices
Montgomery County 937.225.4010
Miami County 937.440.6045
Auglaize County 419.739.6745
Mercer County 419.586.2259
Greene County 937.562.5017
Darke County 937.547.7310
Logan County 937.599.7223