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Sheriff Sales

  • The Sheriff receives “Orders of Sales” from the Shelby County Common Pleas Clerk of Courts Office.
  • These sales are advertised in the Sidney Daily News.
  • We have no further information other than what is posted below.
  • The buyer gets the property “as is,” caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).
  • The Sheriff’s Office does not have information on liens or taxes.
  • Sheriff’s Sales are not for the inexperienced. Every mistake is a costly mistake that may require the services of an attorney to resolve. It is recommended that all prospective purchasers contact a real estate attorney and title company prior to the sale.

Properties are appraised from the outside only. It’s important to realize that the Sheriff is just selling the house per court orders and we do not have keys, nor can we give you any rights to tour the house before a potential buy. So please do NOT call us for keys, appointments, information on current or past sales, or information on a property under foreclosure. We post what we have available.

The sales and detailed descriptions are advertised in the Sidney Daily Newspaper every Wednesday edition. All sales are on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am at the Shelby County Courthouse, on the 2nd floor in the lobby. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Sheriff sales are being held at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Lobby at 555 Gearhart Rd. Sidney. The sales are the same, on Wednesday’s at 10:00 AM


Terms of sale vary, but in most cases 10% will be due on the day of the purchase. (Please do not bring cash as the 10% payment on the day of the sale.) The remainder will be due at the confirmation of the sale using cash, bank money order, or certified check made payable to Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Please note that personal checks, company checks, letters of credit, or charge cards will not be accepted as payment. A disclaimer will be read and the buyer will be required to sign that relieves the Sheriff and appraising agents of liabilities of hazards, or past due bills. It is the responsibility of the buyer to look into these matters before the sale date. Bidding starts at two-thirds of the appraised value.

Current Sales

    • 10/7/2020

      Plaintiff: First National Bank New Bremen
      Defendant: Michael Schwieterman
      Case #: 20-CV-100
      Address: 16401 Pasco Montra Rd., Jackson Center
      Appraised Value $108,000.00