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PREA Logo 2The Shelby County Jail has established a “Zero Tolerance” for inmate sexual assault/abuse and will make every effort to provide all inmates with a safe, humane and secure environment, free from the threat of sexual assault/abuse and staff sexual misconduct/harassment. View the policy

All incidents of the Shelby County Jail staff sexual misconduct/harassment shall be reported to Lt. Karla Pleiman at (937) 494-2106. You may also contact Shelby County Victims Services at 937-498-7400 for any inmate sexual assault or abuse. You may also send an email to All allegations will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. If it is determined that a false report has been filed, criminal charges can be filed against the accuser.

Data Review
The Shelby County Jail collects accurate data for every allegation of sexual abuse at The Shelby County Jail, using a standardized instrument and set of definitions. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office aggregates the incident based sexual abuse data at least Annually. A report of it’s findings from its data review and any corrective actions for the facility is available upon request by contacting the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office jail records at 937-494-2159.

Please click on the link to access the 2020 PREA Audit Report

PREA Audit Report Part 1

PREA Audit Report Part 2

Please click on the link to access the 2022 PREA Annual Sexual Assault Data

PREA 2022 Stats