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RPC Board meetings are now held on each odd month of the year (January, March, May, July, September and November).  This By-Law revision was approved at the July 28th, 2021 board meeting.   The board meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday (of an odd month) @ 7pm at the Shelby County Annex.

Welcome to the Shelby County Regional Planning Commission website..

This web site is designed to provide some general information of who we are and what we do. We look forward to serving Shelby County’s citizens.

If you are new to the County, Welcome! Feel free to browse the various sites available in Shelby County as it will provide some background.

Shelby County

The 410 square-miles that comprise Shelby County is a blend of agriculture and industry providing a stable economy. The County is made up of fourteen townships and eight incorporated villages (Anna, Botkins, Fort Loramie, Kettlersville, Lockington, Port Jefferson, Jackson Center and Russia) and one city (Sidney), the county seat. The 2010 population of the County is 49,423.

Who We Are

The Shelby County Regional Planning Commission (SCRPC) is established under the authority of Ohio Revised Code 713.21 and has been given broad powers and duties enabling it to be a much more flexible and encompassing organization than other units of County government. The SCRPC was established in 1967 and consists of fourteen member townships, eight member villages, the City of Sidney and the Shelby County Commissioners. The members each pay dues that help support operating costs. In addition, various grant and other program administrative fees are charged to help defray reliance on the County general fund.

What We Do

The Shelby County Regional Planning Commission was initially established to prepare a County Comprehensive Plan and to provide zoning and development review and advice to local communities. It is available for review in our office.

In addition, SCRPC has expanded its duties to include subdivision and floodplain review, farmland preservation review, economic development, tax abatement administration, Community Development Block Grant administration, Community Housing Impact and Preservation (CHIP) program, Fair Housing, administration, and generalized governmental services and intergovernmental relations.
The SCRPC looks forward to continuing to play a prominent role in the future of our County. The SCRPC offers a long-term perspective and stability which is beneficial in an environment in which can often be political, short-term, and non-inclusive. SCRPC strives to make Shelby County’s future a brighter place