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About the Shelby County EMA

The Shelby County EMA is organized under ORC 5502.26. All political subdivisions within the county have entered into a written agreement to establish the county-wide agency.

Each political subdivision will select a representative to make up an advisory committee that will:

  • Appoint an executive committee through which the countywide agency will implement emergency management.
  • Advise the executive committee on matters pertaining to countywide emergency management.

The executive committee must consist of at least the following members: one county commissioner, five chief executives representing municipalities and townships, and one non-elected representative.

The agency is supported by the political subdivisions in the agreement. The executive board appoints a director to establish an emergency management program.

Director of the Shelby County EMA:

Members of the Executive Board for the Shelby County EMA are:

  • Bruce Metz, Village of Jackson Center representative, Chair
  • Julie Ehemann, Board of County Commissioner
  • Chuck Axe, Van Buren Township representative, Secretary
  • Tim Bender, Village of Anna Representative
  • Randy Bensman, Green Township representative
  • Rick Simon, Loramie Township representative
  • Mark Harrod, non-elected representative