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Response Plans

The Shelby County Emergency Response Plans provide a comprehensive framework for emergency management within our communities including:

  • An integrated emergency management system involving all departments of local government and private support agencies, as well as individual citizens.
  • An effective, coordinated operation of resources and personnel to address emergency response.
  • A cooperative effort to minimize the effects of all hazards; to protect lives and property; and to restore the stricken area to its pre-disaster status with a minimum social and economic disruption.
  • A statement of policy regarding emergency management and assigns tasks and responsibilities to county officials, department heads, various agencies and organizations explaining their roles during, before, and after emergency or disaster situations.
  • Continues to evolve; reflecting lessons learned from actual experiences in disasters and from county planning, training, and exercises.

The Shelby County Emergency Management Agency is providing the following Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan draft for your review, if you so desire. Proposed additions, corrections, or other suggested modifications to this draft can be made by contacting Cheri Drinkwine, Shelby County EMA Director, either by e-mail at: or by phone at (937) 726-1731.

The draft Plan is a modification of the County’s Original Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan developed in 2005. The original Plan can be accessed through the County’s website at:

Please also note that additional modifications to the draft will be occurring periodically over time. Once a reasonable amount of changes are made, an updated version will be placed on this site for your review. You will be notified of the change in draft Plan version available on the web for your continued opportunity to review and make comment on the draft Plan.

Should you have any questions regarding the review process, please utilize the contact information provided above.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this most important endeavor!

Shelby County Hazard Mitigation Plan Appendices 2017 Update

Shelby County Hazard Mitigation Plan Draft Update 2017