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Emergency Management Agency

Welcome to the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency



Shelby County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Mission Statement
To promote a culture of preparedness in Shelby County by providing a comprehensive emergency management program.

This website will provide you with information about what hazards threaten our communities and how to prepare for them. Our function centers around the four phases in the emergency management cycle:

  • Mitigation (prevention)
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery from incidents that can affect our citizen’s lives, property, and the environment.

Learn what you can do to be prepared and ready for the hazards that can affect our lives and communities by clicking on the links to the left. Find out what the EMA and other organizations do to prepare the county from these threats.

Emergency Notifications

Shelby County emergency officials offer CivicReady, a mass notification system to county residents and workers. The system is used to inform citizens of:

  • local emergencies
  • environmental hazards
  • weather alerts
  • criminal activity
  • missing persons

Sign up to receive notification of urgent situations via phone, text, or email messages. TXXT/TTD service is available for the hearing impaired.

A comprehensive emergency management program works together with community leaders, the public and private sector, individuals and families. We all have a responsibility to prepare and take the necessary steps to help keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe.

Look up the other websites under Helpful Links that provide relevant information to keep you safe.