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Welcome to the Office of the Shelby County Engineer.

It is our mission to serve the people of Shelby County by planning, building, and maintaining a safe, efficient, accessible transportation system that will foster economic growth and personal travel. We will be open to requests, questions and suggestions from all people of the County, other government entities and officials and staff. We will work with all other governmental entities to seek and coordinate the funding of maintenance and new construction for the best highway system possible

A special “THANKS” to all of our employees and residences of Shelby County that have made this County what it is today. I am proud to say that as a result of the efforts of the staff, the infrastructure system under the jurisdiction of this office is not just being maintained, but is being improved to better the economy and life style of the residents of Shelby County.

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Robert B. Geuy P.E., P.S.
Shelby County Engineer