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Notary Public Application Process

  • Applications for Notary Public and Study Guide Book are available in the Legal Department. Book cost is $5.00 each.
  • Testing for applicants is done on a walk-in basis until 3:00 p.m. Applicants should allow approximately 1 hour to take the test, grading, and complete the paperwork.
  • If the applicant passes the test, a fee of $25.00 is collected for Notary Commission. If test is failed, no fee is collected.
  • Renewals of Notary Commission can be done no sooner than 30 days from current expiration. However, if your commission expires before you receive your new commission, you may not do any notary work.
  • Renewal fee is $20.00 before expiration date; $21.00 after expiration date.
  • Notaries whose commission has been expired over 6 months will be required to take the test before renewing the commission.

Filing Fees

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Civil Complaint/Appeal to C.P.C. (other than Foreclosure) $300.00
Civil Forclosure $600.00
Certificate of Qualification $200.00
Answer & Counterclaim (w/Service) $150.00
Third Party Complaint $150.00
Foreign Judgement $150.00
Cognovit Complaint $250.00
Writ of Possession $150.00
Reopening/Motion for Modification $150.00
Aid in Execution $150.00
Order of Sale $300.00
Jury Deposit (Due 30 days before trial) $500.00
Judgement Debtor Examination – (service of one person) $135.00
(each additional person) $25.00
Preparation of a Certificate of Judgement $5.00
Filing of Certificate of Judgement $20.00
Preparation and Filing of Certificate of Judgement $25.00
Releasing of Certificate of Judgement $5.00
Releasing a State Certificate of Judgement $30.00
Notice of Appeal to 3rd District $150.00
Garnishment $135.00
Divorce Action $300.00
Divorce Action with Publication Notice
(Attorney to do publication and file proof with Clerk)
Dissolution $300.00
Agreed Entry $135.00
Agreed Entry with Health Insurance Order $160.00
Expungments $200.00
Q.D.R.O. – Qualified Domestic Relations Order $135.00
Notice of Intent to Relocate $135.00
Objection to Intent to Relocate $135.00
Motion for Contempt $150.00
Fax per page (incoming and out-going) $3.00
New Notary Commission $25.00
Renew Notary Commission $20.00
Notary Book $5.00
Authentication of Notary Commission $2.00
Copies per page (not certified) $0.10
Certified Copies (per page)
+ computerization fee per document
Exemplified copy of judgement $4.00
Court Ordered Titles $135.00
Recording of Proceeding $10.00/disc