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Common Pleas Court e-Filing

e-Filing User’s Guide

The User’s Guide for Shelby County Common Pleas Court eFiling is a quick reference for the preparation and the easy entry of any filing. Filers must be registered with the court and approved by the Clerk of Court before access will be granted to the e-Filing website.

Items needed to begin e-Filing:

  1. The filer must be registered with the court; the filing documents must be in a PDF format.
  2. The filer must have a credit card for payment.
  3. Filers can submit a new case filing or subsequent filings through this secure encrypted web portal. Filers are responsible for maintaining their passwords and will be required to update their passwords on a routine basis.
  4. When eFiling the INFORMATION MUST BE IN CAPITAL LETTERS and not lower case or a combination.
  5. If any filing is rejected, you will get a generic email letting you know that your filing was rejected.  In order for you to see WHY it was rejected, you will need to go out to the actual efiling to see why, fix the problem and re-submit.