What is your address and phone number?

Shelby County Common Pleas Court
Shelby County Courthouse
P.O. Box 947
Sidney, OH 45365
Phone: 937-498-7230

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1. How do I get to the courthouse?
2. What is your address and phone number?
3. Where is the Clerk's Office located?
4. What type of cases does the Court hear?
5. Can the Court recommend an attorney or law firm?
6. Can the Court advise me on how I should proceed with my case?
7. Can I act as my own attorney when filing a case?
8. Does the Court provide forms for filing of divorces and dissolutions?
9. What Court handles cases involving children, that were not born of a marriage?
10. How do I receive a transcript?
11. What is the number of Sidney Municipal Court?
12. What Court handles traffic violations?
13. Can you tell me how to file for an expungement?
14. Why can’t I talk to the Judge?