Welcome to the Office of the Shelby County Auditor!

Please take advantage of our strong database of property information! Use our property search to find a friend's address or details about your own property, including where your tax dollars are allocated.

As you view your property information, please be aware that you have the right to file a "Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property" between January 1 and March 31 in any calendar year if you feel that your property could not sell for the value we have determined. The forms are found in the Board of Revision section.

Licenses & Tags

Please note that dog tags can be purchased online at any time via the Licenses and Tags page. Dog tags are also on sale year-round in the Auditor's office (located in the Annex building on Sidney's court square) and at the Animal Shelter (610 Gearhart Road, Sidney). During the months of December and January tags can also be purchased at many small-town convenient locations. The list of these "Official Agents" is found on the Licenses and Tags page.

Questions & Concerns

As always, please feel free to call our office or email the Auditor with any questions you may have.

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