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 How do I get to the Courthouse

Click here for a map of our location.

What is your address and phone number?

Shelby County Common Pleas Court
Shelby County Courthouse
P.O. Box 947
Sidney, OH  45365

Tel. #937/498-7230

Where is the Clerk’s Office located?

 The Clerk’s Office is located on the third floor of the Shelby County Courthouse.

 What type of cases does the Court hear?

 The Common Pleas Court, General Division, hears criminal, civil, and domestic (divorces, dissolutions, modifications of custody and child support re: children born of a marriage) cases.

Can the Court recommend an attorney or law firm?

The Court is not permitted to recommend or refer you to any particular attorney or law firm.

Can the Court advise me how I should proceed with my case?

 Court employees are prohibited by law to give legal advice or practice law.  They may be able to provide procedural information.

Can I act as my own attorney when filing a case?

Yes.  You have the right to act as your own attorney, but our office cannot give you any advice as to the law.

Does the Court provide forms for filing of divorces and dissolutions?

 The Court does not provide forms for the filing of a Complaint for Divorce or Petition for Dissolution.  However, there are DR forms provided in the Clerk of Court’s Office which must be filed in addition to a Complaint for Divorce or Petition for Dissolution.

What Court handles cases involving children, that were not born of a marriage?

 The Juvenile Court handles cases involving children that were not born of a marriage.  Juvenile Court’s telephone number is 937/498-7255.

How do I receive a transcript?

You should contact the Court Reporter at 937/498-7235 to request a transcript.

What is the number of Sidney Municipal Court?


 What Court handles traffic violations?

 Sidney Municipal Court handles traffic violations if you are at least 18 years of age.  Shelby County Juvenile Court handles traffic violations for those under 18 years of age.

Can you tell me how to file for an expungement?

No.  You should contact an attorney for assistance in filing for expungement of your record.


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